Introducing HAKON — The Barber Token

Today we start our journey to strengthen the barbershops businesses starting the token revolution in South America.

Shaken by the health crisis caused by Covid-19, many shops went bankrupt. The industry is formed mostly by self-employed professionals with little or no government support.

This project started with a co-op between four barber friends willing to help the community and businesses. The team is distributed between São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Bogota. We truly believe the project is going to be successful. Due to increased risk and crime, we decided to build this project anonymously and protected our identity. We will strive to make sure the whole organisation processes and communications are always effective and transparent.

We have chosen South America because they are one of the largest consumer of beauty products and services in the world. Yet, the economic gap is huge there. The token will finance social activities and courses in underrepresented communities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Bogota.

In the next few days we will be sharing more news and goodies on Twitter and in our social media channels. Please stay tuned and follow only our official channels:

Telegram (@HakonDefi)
Twitter (@HakonDefi)

Stay safe!

– HAKON team!

The first all-in-one decentralised finance platform for barber & tattoo shops.